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Money-saving tips are something everyone can do and save hundreds, even thousands a year. They will help you sleep at night and stretch your money.

You can save over $100 by finding a checking account that has no service charges and has no minimum balance. You'll additionally save  when you reorder personalchecks on the internet rather than of at your bank. Not only do you save about 50% on charges on your discount personal checks, but when you reorder cheap personal checks you get a greater design selection.

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First, get the sales ratio which is also called the director's ratio, equalization rate, the average ratio or a host of other names that the conjure up. Divide the sales ratio into the assessed value to come up with the actual figure that the tax assessor assigned to the value of your home. Go to your local realtor and get comparable sales to beat the market value number you found. If there is a serious variation, appeal your property taxes.

Keeping your auto in shape can save you a lot of money. If your air filter is really dirty, you can be losing up to 14% on fuel economy. Add 3.3% for not having tires inflated to their max and another 4% for your engine not being tuned and we're talking a lot of money.

Check for auto insurance rates at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website or ask friends or the Yellow Pages. Also look through consumer guides, insurance agents, companies and online insurance quote services and compare similar plans. Compare with your current policy. Often, using the same insurer for multiple policies will get you a 10 to 15% discount off your premium.

Credit cards can hit with with higher rate fees as well as penalties if you are late with payment. Send your payment in 10 days early so as not to get squeezed. Also if you have a credit card with a lower interest rate, use as a cash advance to pay off your credit cards with higher interest rates.

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